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Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions

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Are you about to go in foreclosure? Worried the bank is going to repossess your car? Frier & Frier, PA, can help you stop foreclosure proceedings and assist you in reorganizing your debt so you have an affordable monthly payment plan by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people that are facing foreclosure are also in danger of losing their cars, which he can help you avoid as well. Randy's Foreclosure Law Firm can also help stop lawsuits, get relief from judgments, or avoid civil judgments. Contact us to stop foreclosure with Randy's help.

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Avoiding Foreclosure

A home is likely the largest investment a person or family will ever embark upon. You have likely spent years saving for a down payment, chipping away at your mortgage and making improvements to your house. Unfortunately, the recent financial and housing crisis has pushed many hardworking people on the brink of foreclosure.


At Frier & Frier, P.A., Foreclosure Attorney Randy Frier, helps clients avoid foreclosure and get a fresh financial start by assisting them with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He has experience in providing clients in Tallahassee and throughout the Florida panhandle, as well as Jacksonville, Florida, with meaningful legal solutions.


Our Foreclosure Lawyer will help you stop foreclosure problems in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Panama City, Gainesville & Pensacola FL today. Call for a Free Consultation to help Stop Foreclosure in FL.