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Helping Family Farmers

                                      Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Law Options


Are you a farmer that is having trouble with your debts? You can file for chapter 12 bankruptcy and keep your farm with assistance from Frier & Frier, PA. Randy Frier and his staff are prepared to speak to you about your financial situation and provide you with debt relief. Call us at (888) -805-5044 to speak with Randy.

About Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 bankruptcy services were created to help family farmers reorganize their debt and keep their farms. It is less complicated and far less expensive than standard chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is better suited to help large corporations. Only farmers with regular annual income can file a petition for relief under chapter 12. Doing this ensures that the your annual income is stable enough to make payments under a special plan.


Chapter 12 Bankruptcy in Tallahassee & Jacksonville FL

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